Residential Roofing Wyoming MI

Rhino Roofing & Construction Has You Covered with Residential Roofing in Wyoming MI

Quality roof repair

Quality craftsmanship requires quality materials. We use only the best materials for all of our roofing projects. Our professional Wyoming roofers have a wealth of knowledge using a wide range of asphalt shingles.

We are your best source for top quality roof installation services in Wyoming MI.

We have years of experience utilizing top quality roofing materials for our unparalleled roof installation services. All of our roofing jobs are backed by the best warranty in the Michigan roofing industry.

Commercial Roofing in Wyoming MI

All commercial roofing systems we install are waterproof, durable, and energy efficient. Our full-time, highly experienced roof contractors in Wyoming work with all commercial flat roofing types and provide 100% reliable roof repairs. We offer the best pricing for flat roof installation and repair among reputable roofing companies offering the same level of service and warranty.

Our roofers work with exacting attention to detail and we will not waste your money. All of our roofers have years of experience and extensive training, which means you’re not just getting a roofer – you’re getting an expert.

Commercial Roof Repair in Wyoming MI

TPO Roofing: TPO roofing in Wyoming is among the fastest growing commercial roofing products, especially in recent years, as their cost has lowered to be competitive with EPDM systems. This roofing system is constructed out of a combination of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene to create a unique and durable roof. One of the major advantages of TPO roofing products is white coloration, which does not have the heat absorption of black rooftops and makes for lower cooling costs.

EPDM: The traditional leader in flat commercial roofing products, EPDM is a weatherproof, economical solution to your commercial roofing needs. This type of roofing is constructed of a synthetic rubber compound, making it extremely durable and resistant to UV radiation. EPDM roofing is versatile and long-lasting, even in the harsh Michigan elements. While the black coloration of EPDM rubber can lead to higher cooling costs compared to TPO roofing, in Michigan the costs are much less than in Southern states.

Built-Up Roof in Wyoming: Bitumen roofing material is the critical cap of Built-Up-Roof (BUR) systems. Many Michigan business owners favor bitumen roofing as it offers comprehensive waterproofing and weather resistance. When installed by a certified roofing contractor, bitumen roofing systems resist cracks caused by cold weather contraction better than other systems.

Call Rhino Roofing & Construction today to learn more about the advantages of each of our commercial roofing products, and get the best value on commercial roofing in Grand Rapids and surrounding communities.

100% Reliable Roof Repairs in Wyoming MI

We offer the best pricing for roof installation and repair when compared to any other reputable roofing company in Michigan. We use the best repair techniques to ensure your roof is repaired correctly AND within budget. Our roof repairs are 100% reliable because if our work is not perfect, we pay the price, not you.

The phrase “Nickel and Dime” suits many Grand Rapids roofing contractors. When we’re called out on a job, we frequently hear horror stories from our clients. Unlike other Wyoming roofing companies are known to “nickel and dime” customers with inferior estimates leading to additional roof repairs, we conduct a full evaluation detailing the best way to repair your roof within a proposed budget.

Our contractors are skilled in roofing repairs for all aspects of your roofing system.  While many roof repair issues are caused by improper installation of roofing shingles, other causes can include improper insulation of your attic, inadequate attic intake ventilation, and other sources that are often ignored by many Michigan roofing contractors. 

Rhino Roofing & Construction is the best choice for roof repair and roof replacement in Wyoming MI because we look at your roof repair issue in the context of your entire roofing system and find the underlying cause of your roof repair need.

Call us today to schedule an FREE roof and ventilation audit.

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