Residential Roof Replacement Hudsonville MI

Residential Roof Replacement in Hudsonville MI

Quality roof repair

Replacing the roof on your house is something that most homeowners have to do at least once in a lifetime. Whether you are building a new home or you need a new roof because your roof is too worn to properly protect your home, we can help.

For help with your roof replacement in Hudsonville, we recommend scheduling an onsite consultation for a free roofing estimate. At Rhino Roofing & Construction we can guide you through the entire replacement roof process to make sure you get the best solution for your home. If you do need a new roof, our roofing specialists will help you choose the right shingle or roofing material to match the style of your home.

Commercial Roof Repair in Hudsonville

If the roof on your commercial property is leaking, repairs should be made right away, as any delay could make the damage worse. In addition to structural damage, leaks can destroy spaces and property that lie below. They can also invite serious problems like mold, necessitating a shutdown and incurring the added cost of remediation.

But keep in mind that not all problems with your commercial roof will necessitate roof replacement. Some commercial roofing problems are minor and can be easily repaired. If your roofing membrane is basically in good shape and has not met its life expectancy, you can look into repairing the roof and keep costs to a minimum.

Call Rhino Roofing & Construction if you have a leak, we are the best commercial roof repair contractor in Hudsonville MI.

Types Of Commercial Roofing Repair In Hudsonville

At Rhino Roofing & Construction we offer several different commercial roofing repairs to meet the needs of your commercial roof.

Structural standing seam commercial metal roofing systems are among the most practical and long-lasting types of roof available. Typically installed on new commercial construction projects, they offer great watertight protection for the building and are a reliable, worry-free, long-term roofing choice.

TPO Roofing in Hudsonville is a single-membrane system, just like EPDM roofing. Installed in large rolls, TPO can be installed with mechanical fasteners or by fusing seams with heat. The white TPO material used most often does a good job of reflecting solar radiation, which helps to reduce the demand for air conditioning in hot weather.

EPDM roofing is sometimes referred to as “rubber roofing” because this roofing membrane material is black and flexible like a rubber inner tube. EPDM roofing can be installed on flat and low-slope roofs. Seams between adjacent EPDM sheets and metal flashing elements are typically sealed with special adhesive.

SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) roofing is a popular roofing option for flat and low-slope roofs. Applied with spray equipment, an SPF roof provides a seamless roof covering that can go over an existing roof or over new construction.

Our highly trained Hudsonville roofing contractors stay up-to-date on the latest installation procedures and techniques for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We can repair or replace a damaged roof on your home, apartment complex, condominium, office building, warehouse or any residential or commercial building.

We are experts at reroofing any type of structure, and we know the correct materials to use for your application. We also provide vinyl siding installation for Hudsonville homeowners.

For quality commercial and residential roofing Grand Rapids MI area homeowners rely on the services of Rhino Roofing & Construction. Call us today to schedule a FREE roof and ventilation audit.

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