Residential Roofing in Grandville MI

Residential Roofing in Grandville MI

Quality roof repair

Weather is a significant factor that affects the condition of each and every roof in our area. As experts in residential roofing in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas, we have witnessed firsthand the damage that poorly maintained or damaged roofs have caused inside and outside of a home. That’s why we stress the importance of a homeowner’s awareness of what level of protection a roof is providing against the weather.

Your roof is the first line of defense against the rain, wind, and sun that make up the weather of Michigan. To fully protect your home and family you need a complete roofing system that is designed to stand up to all environmental elements. That’s why your best choice for roofing contractors in Grandville is Rhino Roofing & Construction.

Get a Complete Roofing System in Grandville MI

At Rhino Roofing & Construction we know that a roof alone will not provide the protection your home needs. That’s why we address your entire roofing system, which includes the roof deck, ventilation, flashing, soffit, chimneys, and gutters. It is the proper functioning of this complex system that delivers the peace of mind you want and need.

Our goal is to educate each homeowner about the roofing options available to them. We want them to make informed decisions throughout the process, such as which roofing material lasts the longest and which warranty options are the best.

Commercial Roofing in Grandville MI

Introducing options for commercial roofing is a big part of our operation. Whether it’s an aging roof in need of replacement or a need to upgrade a roofing system for other reasons, our Grand Rapids roofing experts can help a commercial or industrial building owner carefully choose the right roofing system for the structure, its needs, and the budget.

Handling each commercial roofing project in Grandville on commercial and industrial buildings is truly a team effort. That team can include everyone who is a decision maker in the project, from building owners and corporate owners to property managers and municipal managers.

Your Roof Repair Experts in Grandville

When your roof is damaged or fatigued to the point of leaking, a decision to repair or replace it needs to be made. Call on the expert roof repair team from Rhino Roofing & Construction first. We’ll conduct a free inspection to determine the true condition of your roof so that you can make a well-informed decision based on facts, not speculation.

You may be surprised to learn that with proper repairs many of the roofs we are called upon to replace can be restored to provide many years of additional service.

In choosing between roof repair and replacement in Grandville we consider how old the roof is and the type of roof that’s in place, as some roofing materials last longer than others.

Having been a respected Grandville roofing contractor for more than a decade, we know exactly what to look for, so we can generally track down a roof leak pretty quickly. Remember, water is persistent and it can travel some distance before you see it showing up in your home. By the time you notice it in the interior, the actual roof could have started leaking weeks or even months before.

It is important to call us as soon as you notice a problem – the earlier we catch the problem and address it, the smaller and less expensive the repair will be.

Quality Commercial Roof Repair in Grandville

Commercial roof repairs require specialized knowledge and skills. There are several different types of roofs that can be installed in a commercial or industrial setting, and each requires a specific approach. We are experts in handling roof repairs for commercial buildings in Grandville.

For quality, residential and commercial roofing Grand Rapids MI area homeowners rely on the services of Rhino Roofing & Construction. Call us today to schedule an FREE roof and ventilation audit.

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