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The important job of protecting your home and family from the rain, wind, snow and other elements that make up our Michigan weather patterns falls on your roof. The roof is the most complex structural system in your home. And for residential & commercial roofing repair and replacement Grand Rapids residents rely on the services of Rhino Roofing & Construction.

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When your roof is damaged or worn out to the point where it begins leaking, you’ll need to make a decision quickly whether to repair or replace it. Call on the expert Grand Rapids, MI roof repair team from Rhino Roofing & Construction first. We’ll conduct a free roofing and ventilation audit to determine the true condition of your roof so that you can make a well-informed decision supported by facts, not guesswork.

Many of the roofs we are called upon to replace can be restored to provide many years of additional service. When deciding between roofing repair and replacement we consider how old the roof is and the type of roof that’s currently in place, as some roofing materials last longer than others.

Being a respected Grand Rapids roofing contractor, we know exactly what to look for, so in most cases we can identify the source of a leak rather quickly. Keep in mind that water is persistent and it can travel quite far before any signs appear on your ceiling.

By the time you notice any signs inside your home, the roof could have already been leaking for weeks or months. So it’s important to call us as soon as you notice a problem because the sooner we identify the problem and address it, the smaller and less expensive the repair will be.

Before our roofing company can conduct any roof repairs in the Grand Rapids area, we must first locate where the damage is. Many times, we can do that simply by walking the roof and looking closely at some of the more likely trouble spots. In other cases, we need to check the attic or top floor for signs of water entry and follow the leak backward.

Residential & Commercial Roof Repair Grand Rapids And Surrounding Communities

Here are a few of the most common locations where we typically locate problems on a roof.

Chimney: Each of the four sides of your chimney can have a different type of flashing, depending on where the chimney is located. Even the tiniest crack that allows water to get in behind the flashing can turn into a serious roof leak.

Plumbing Vents:  Whenever a hole is made in the roof, it has to be sealed properly. In some cases, such as a plumbing vent, the hole could be sealed properly at the time of installation, but the rubber boot around the vent pipe can harden or crack over time.

Missing/Damaged Shingles: We can typically spot this pretty quickly once we are up on the roof. Every missing or damaged shingle is one less layer of protection between your home and the elements.

Shingles Loose, Cracked or Rotting: This is one of the most common roof leak occurrences, and is most likely to happen if your roof is more than 15 or 20 years old.

A Nail That Has Backed Out: You might find that a shingle nail has somehow backed itself out and cut through the top shingle. You might be surprised how much water can enter your home through that little nail hole.

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For quality residential & commercial roofing Grand Rapids MI area homeowners rely on the services of Rhino Roofing & Construction. Call us today to schedule an FREE roof and ventilation audit.

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