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Michigan deck is something home owners build with the intent of it being a gathering place, a centerpiece that connects the inside of our homes directly to our yards. A place to sit with the morning coffee, read the paper and wave to our neighbors.

Decks Are A Cornerstone Of Your Home

The deck is the main entertaining area for our backyard barbecues get togethers we so look forward to.

For this reason, a deck is perhaps a little more personal than other home addition projects. There is no right or wrong in the type of product or brand. However, because it is so personal, you should gather as much information on what is available and ensure you will be satisfied with the end result.

Why Composite Decking Is Beneficial

Composite decking was generally referred to as Trex decking due to its early foothold in the industry. Nowadays it is called by a multitude of names reflecting the many different product brands on the market.

Each company claims to have something the others do not, that is something you will have to determine yourself. When you do your research, you will find today’s composite decking comes with a great number of benefits. Below are a few of the top benefits of composite decking.

1) Low Maintenance

Properly constructed and installed, a composite deck will relieve you of the misery of sanding and sealing.

I know personally, as I dreaded the process of waking up on a beautiful spring day and saying ” I have to refinish the deck”.

2) Durability

composite decking is a very sturdy and weather resistant product. Winter rain and snow will not cause it to rot. Summer sunshine and heat will not cause it to peel and splinter.

It’s so much nicer to walk out in your bare feet and not have to hear the theme from Jaws in your head, fearing the rogue splinter that awaits you.

3) Termite resistance

due to the fact it is weather resistant, insects have no place to begin their onslaught, they pack up the kids and move on to your neighbors gathering place.

Try to be supportive and not smile when they tell you the nightmare the termites have caused on their beautiful deck. Karma will be kind to you for this.

4) Color Options

The new generations of composite decking come in a variety of colors. They also come in reversible grain enabling you to create a pattern to your design by simply turning the boards over.

For instance, the style of decking I used had a smooth grain on one side and a “wood” grain on the other. By simply turning certain boards over, I was able to create a look that was diversified. This may not be something you would want to do, but it is nice to have the option.

5) Made From Recycled Materials

Finally and I know this is not everyone’s main concern, but it is a plus. A percentage of composite decking is made from recycled material.

You can relax on your new deck knowing that you did your small part to help the environment

In your research you will find drawbacks to Michigan composite decking. Let’s face it, there is no perfect solution. The initial cost will be more compared to some wood products. But I feel the pros far outweigh any cons, and love my composite deck.

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