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Roof Repair   

The roof of your Grands Rapid home is one of your properties most important systems. It provides the first line of defense against adverse weather conditions and inclement weather. As such it is vitally important to conduct roof repairs whenever there is any damage to your roof.

Unfortunately, at some point in time, it will be necessary for you to conduct a roof replacement. Because your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, it will eventually deteriorate and degrade. Rain, wind, heat, and other forces are always eroding and compromising the surface of your roof.

The best way to determine whether it is more efficacious to repair or replace your roof is to hire a professionally licensed roofing contractor. In Grand Rapids, the most highly skilled and experienced roofing contractors are at Rhino Roofing & Construction, LLC. Their professionals understand the importance of your roofing system and want you to know that they are always available to provide you with the highest quality services. Here is a brief guide their experts have provided to help you decide whether a repair or replacement project is better for your property.

Replacing Shingles on a Newer Roof

One of the most common reasons people have to consider Grand Rapids roof repairs is because their roof was damaged by a storm. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may be more cost effective to repair or replace the roof. If your roof is relatively new and you have extra shingles on hand, you can repair your roof in a way that will match the look of your property. On a new roof, this simple shingle replacement can add ten to fifteen years to the life of your roof.

Roof Replacements for Older Roofs or More Extensive Damage

If your roof is older or if the damage is more extensive, it may be cheaper in the long run to conduct the complete roof replacement now. Whenever you hire a professional roofing contractor, a large portion of the bill is labor and preparatory work. When you already have all the scaffolding, ladders, and equipment on site, it may be cheaper to replace the entire roof rather than conducting repairs now and having to reinitiate the entire process shortly in the future. The Grand Rapids roofers at Rhino Roofing & Construction would be happy to advice you as to the benefits of either course of action.

Roof Tear Off or Roof Over Services

If you do decide to replace your Grand Rapids roof, the next thing that you will need to decide is whether to conduct a tear off or roof over project. A tear off is where you remove all of the shingles of your current roof then install the new roof. A roof over is where you simply install a new layer of shingles over your existing roof.

If you already have two layers of shingles on your Grand Rapids home, the decision is simple because you cannot conduct a roof over project. Three layers of shingles are just too heavy for your property to support. If you only have one layer of shingles, you can save some time and cost by conducting a roof over. At Rhino Roofing & Construction, LLC, their roof replacement experts can help you navigate the difficulties of this situation. After their services, you can rest assured knowing that your new roof or repaired roof is properly protecting your Grand Rapids home.

If you need to hire a professionally licensed roofing contractor in Grand Rapids, call Rhino Roofing & Construction, LLC, today at 616-997-0371, or fill out our online request form.

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