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Roof replacement

Roof Repair

Prevent roof leaks and other damage by ensuring your roof is properly maintained with our professional repair services.

Roof replacement

Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is an important investment. When it’s time for a new roof, we can provide a worry-free installation.

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We offer high-quality roofing services — get started with our free estimates in Michigan.

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Weather can take a toll on the exterior of your home. Stay protected with quality siding.

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Your Roof Is Making You Sick!

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Don’t make the terrible mistake thinking the roof over your head can be ignored for 25 years or more.

It doesn’t matter what the warranty promises. The part of your home that takes the most abuse is the roof over your head.

Think about it.

  • The wind tries to rip if off;
  • Hail hammers it;
  • Rain dumps truck loads of water on it;
  • Snow and ice freeze it solid and rip the material apart;
  • Moisture engorges the shingles and wood stretching your roof apart;
  • The sun beats down and burns it all day long;
  • Dryness quenches the moisture and withers it until it cracks.
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Your Roof is Making You Sick

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Frequently asked questions about general roof replacement and repair

How long will it take to complete my roof?

On average, it takes one to two days. The exceptions are roofs that are larger than average, roofs that need extensive structural repairs, or roofs that require specialty materials.

What will a new roof system cost?

The price of a new roof system varies widely, depending on such things as the materials selected, contractor doing the work, home or building, location of the home or building, local labor rates and time of year. Keep in mind that price is only one factor, and it must be balanced with the quality of the materials and workmanship.

How can a home owner recognize when a roof system has problems?

All too often, roof system problems are discovered after leaking or other serious damage occurs. Periodic (twice-a-year) inspections often can uncover cracked, warped or missing shingles; loose seams and deteriorated flashings; excessive surface granules accumulating in the gutters or downspouts; and other visible signs of roof system problems. Indoors, look for cracked paint, discolored plasterboard and peeling wallpaper as signs of damaged roof areas.

My roof leaks. Do I need to have it replaced completely?

Not necessarily. Leaks can result from flashings that have come loose or a section of the roof system being damaged. A complete roof system failure, however, generally is irreversible and a result of improper installation or choice of materials or the roof system installation is inappropriate for the home or building.

How can I determine my annual roofing cost?

When considering your roofing options, the following formula may help: Annual Roofing

Cost = Total Cost (Materials & Labor) Life Expectancy of Roof System (in years)

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